At Wiimag we are committed to improve the business world through technological innovation and advanced automation processes. We bear a deep responsibility to our customers, and strive to build relationships with them based on collegiality and mutual respect.

Our mission is to simplify the lives of individuals and organizations by democratizing access to sophisticated yet affordable business process automation solutions.

Our vision is of a future where technology is an ally accessible to all, propelling equity and innovation for a more harmonious and prosperous world.

Rooted in the principles of fairness, transparency and innovation, we design intelligent tools that not only optimize performance, but also promote fair and balanced working practices.




We are committed to democratizing technology by promoting innovative solutions accessible to all. We cultivate a diversity of ideas and work with integrity to positively impact our community and our environment. Equity is our ethical foundation and guides our business activities and day-to-day interactions. We are convinced that the unconditional adoption of fairness is essential to the prosperity and integrity of our company. It is through this commitment that we aspire to build a future where everyone has a place and can flourish. Transparency is the strong link underpinning our culture of innovation. It guides our desire for performance and our commitment to the ongoing development of our company. We are convinced that the open sharing of knowledge is the driving force behind innovation, and it is through this prism that we envisage healthy and profitable growth.

Founder Team

avatar Mélanie Cadotte, CRIA, is a experienced human resources professional with a BAC in Industrial Relations from UdM and a rich and diversified expertise acquired over nearly two decades in the field. Offering her services as a consultant since 2021, she has consolidated her experience by bringing tailored HR solutions to companies. Her career path is marked by a deep commitment to employee well-being and the development of equitable, respectful corporate cultures. Her skills and experience are invaluable assets for Wiimag.
Founder of Wiimag inc., Jonathan Schmidt is a passionate software developer and technology enthusiast. He is also the proud father of two adorable children. Throughout his career, he has gained valuable experience working on projects of various sizes, from small Web applications to complex enterprise solutions. He is recognized by his peers for the excellence of his work. In 2010, he graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, for which he was a teaching assistant. He subsequently had the privilege of working for renowned companies such as Unity and Autodesk, where he developed his skills and broadened his expertise. avatar

Wiimag inc. is a company registered in Quebec, Canada.